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 Area 52 and my Aphtoons

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Area 52 and my Aphtoons Empty
PostArea 52 and my Aphtoons

Hi everyone,

Soooooo, a while ago when I logged in to Emerald dreams it was empty and quiet... After some more time I found out it was because of Area 52. A lot of the guildies who were frequently online (you know who you are Twisted Evil ) moved there, and I felt like it got somewhat more boring. When I started of my human pally in ED I got hooked on WoW.

Area 52 and my Aphtoons Aphgigi

After a while I felt like my pally was just not completely getting there.. Even after I rebuilt my talent tree and got more gear she didn't work right. I changed talents, changed professions and after a while I made a hunter. Everytime I got stuck or got killed by some horde I switched to the hunter which I enjoyed a lot! Don't get me wrong here for I enjoyed pally a lot too since I discovered the basics of WoW with her.

When plurkies made me consider to move to Area 52 I was like NOOOOOOO I finally got my pally to a somewhat higher level (yeah just 47 but that was high for me)
However... It was just too quiet! So I moved.

Since I enjoyed levelling my hunter so much in and around the Darnassus are, I started with a nightelf on Area 52. I made her a druid.. I LOVEEEEE HER. I specced her for tanking and I am enjoying the dungeons a lot as a tank too. She is one fierce momma, and I now have people online to brag about her to. I did almost every single quest with her up to darkshore now. Here she is at lvl 37:

Area 52 and my Aphtoons Aphw

In the beginning I hated the shapeshifting all the time, but now I got the hang of it. I mostly walk around killing stuff by myself as a cat, go into dungeons as a Bear, and work as a tailor and enchantor in my nelf form. I hardly ever find myself dying and so on and so on. The dying part has a lot to do with the PvE server... It just totally works for me. I used to log out my pally out of frustration a couple of times per week because some lvl?? gankers decided to camp on my dead body to kill me the second I resurrected. I usually have a very hard time staying interested in something, and WoW usually gets that job done, but there were times I felt sad about paying for something that could also piss me off so bad!

Before we went to Area 52 we also did some hording with the guild. I downloaded the BC trial and got myself a bloodelf for this occasion:

Area 52 and my Aphtoons Aphorde

This adventure didn't last long because that week I got extremely busy and after the week I went to Holland for holiday.
I have to say I totally enjoyed the short time I spent together with BC at that point. The colours were amazing in that new world!!!
So a few days ago I finally bought the expansion to BC, and made myself a Draenei too, to see even more.. I just enjoy changing the characters, and still being able to level quite fast because of the double xp on each when logged out for a while.
So here is my new Draenei Mage which is currently level 12:

Area 52 and my Aphtoons Aphz

She is a mage, and I am starting to enjoy her more and more. She is not as easy to play as my Druid, but I'm starting to get the hang of it. I died a bunch of times already. I also read up on mages and decided to spec on frost. Mostly because I found I died of mana deficiency a lot, and Frost seems most mana efficient. I can't wait to get her to level 20 asap and get her mounted and able to make portals.

I keep enjoying the game more and more, but I feel like I have to hurry up to get to see the regions, find out their story etc etc before Cataclysm gets here.

Well there's my journal entry summarizing a bit of WoW for me and moving to Area 52 from ED.. I just love PvE Very Happy

take care lots!

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Area 52 and my Aphtoons :: Comments

Re: Area 52 and my Aphtoons
Post on Thu Sep 30, 2010 10:27 pm  Isle
That was just awesome! I loved reading your whole history and info, and about your characters. Sorry we left you in the dust like that Sad But I am really really glad you came over.

I guess I just didnt really want to flog the whole moving thing, in case people were happy where they were. Area 52 is a great server, I find not getting ganked is such a change for the better!

Great journal, and love the pics!

Feel free to put any you want in the gallery too... I may start a gallery timeline for my Warlock, since I take shots all the time. If you want anything like that, lemme know and I will make you an album of your own.

Re: Area 52 and my Aphtoons
Post on Thu Sep 30, 2010 11:20 pm  Aph
Oh that sounds like fun !!! Thanks for reading and liking it too Very Happy It's just some ramblings ofcourse like my previous post, but I enjoy WoW for it is so dynamic! I see funny and weird stuff like every day and think that will give me some nice stuff to write about too, Like today I slayed an owlbeast because I had to return someones remains... Seriously does it ever make you wonder why some mob would go around killing and carry around the remains Very Happy Or how I just turned in a quest with ten skins from mobs... I never learned to skin, but they just dropped em Wink Ah well forget it.. It's fun.. And yes I would love an album Very Happy
Re: Area 52 and my Aphtoons
Post on Fri Oct 01, 2010 5:31 pm  Aph
I made my own album in the gallery Smile
Re: Area 52 and my Aphtoons
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Area 52 and my Aphtoons

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